on paper


#on paper_save as 另存

*Exhibition Vision 展览视觉设计

       Etude 练习曲

       Space Discipline 空间规训

*Identities 品牌识别系统设计
       WU lab 唯物

*Books 书籍设计
       One is All, All is One / Predestiny / All 《蒋志:我们 注定 一切》
       Gao Ludi
       Zhai Liang
       Ce Jian《简策》

       Hao Liang: Secluded and Infinite Place 《郝量:幽邃之地》
       Ju Ting: Correspondances 
       Peng Wei: Letters from a Distance 《彭薇:遥远的信件》

*Poster 海报设计

*Magazines 独立杂志


#on paper_untitled 未命名

*Artist’s Book Exhibitions 艺术家书展览
        on paper 1, 2017, zapbeijing
        on paper 2, 2018, White Space
        a one and a two, 2020, Aranya Art Center


#on paper_lab 实验室
       Opening Dress Code 开幕穿什么


#on paper_things 万物

       Poster of Classifying Rubbish 垃圾分类海报
       Handmade Round Fan 手工团扇
       Tattoo Sticker 纹身贴






Si Fang Art Museum

si store logo
The visual identity of the Si Fang Art Museum’s museum shop

Si Fang Art Museum was designed by architect Steven Holl, and it is to date the only museum in China that resides in the mountains. The logo traces the rotating movements of four points at different speeds, effectively brining the natural environment into the logo by conveying a sense of time. “ 放肆 ” in Chinese pertain to an absolute freedom in terms of both one’s behaviour and spirit - the logo is an open form which is anchored by the four points. In other words, the logo is at once firm, steady and very open. The space created by the four points is the “shop”, and also corresponds with the Chinese character of “ 四 ” in the museum’s name. Chinese knowledge: starting from the southeast, concluding at the northwest.

Southeast: rotation finishes in an hour; Southwest: rotation finishes in a day; Northwest: rotation finishes in a month; Northeast: rotation finishes in a year.
The marks hint at positions, times and histories.

left page, right page, verso or recto