Artist: Jiang Zhi

One is All, All is One / Predestiny / All
Published by Jiang Zhi studio, cooperated with Magician Space, OCAT Shenzhen and TKG+.

The publication documents Jiang Zhi’s three exhibitions in 2016 - 'Predestiny' at Magician Space, Beijing, 'All' at OCAT Shenzhen, and 'One is All, All is One' at TKG+, Taiwan - and provides a comprehensive survey of the artist’s photography, installations, videos and paintings.


Black squares of different textures are created by folding layers of transparent papers. The cover design plays with emergence and disappearance of the title of the exhibition and the name of the artist, and brings about a visual economy of the Chinese and English texts. Philosophically, it aims for a state of indistinctness that is formally inspired by big band Jazz’s multiple-polyphony style.

left page, right page, verso or recto