Gao Ludi
Published by White Space Beijing

The monograph Gao Ludi includes works from two solo exhibitions of the artist, and the two exhibitions are presented in a double-cover, reversal fashion.

The thematic colour of one is sapphire, the other is space silver. Through the binding a reader can get a good sense of the overall style of the book. The “fluorescent series” includes works from 2013 to 2015, and is reproduced in fluorescent printing ink, loyally representing the texture of the works - colours concealed by a layer of light.


Exhibition view of 'Gao Ludi', 2015, White Space Beijing

The “grey series” includes works from the year of 2016, marking a major shift in artistic direction - the light, in turn, is covered by black, white and grey colours. The band of the artist’s signature fluorescent orange most evident in design operates as a sharp beam of light as one flips through the pages.


Exhibition view of 'Gao Ludi', 2016, White Space Beijing

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